Our Founder Chi Chi was invited to co-host an online discussion series for the first season of 'Still, Black WomxnRise'. This podcast is about creating a safe and supportive platform for black womxn working in the aid/humanitarian/non-profit sector to share their personal experiences of discrimination in the workplace. We reached out to individuals who would be interested in sharing their personal experience, and once they're on the call with us we just let them share their story and then we have an unstructured, informal discussion during which we share our own personal experiences and also try and connect everything back to broader systemic and structural issues surrounding race, sexuality, gender identity etc. Topics covered include 'Gender and Race', 'Colorism', the exploration of the intersections of race, sexuality and gender identity and more. 

Ki Love Lavu Live #feelthelove Uganda Radio Campaign

JOONAFRICA partnered with the Media Challenge Initiative Hub, Mindful Uganda-a mental health platform, and Muwado – an African blog community (open to all but centering the needs and experiences of Ugandans and East Africa) that features creative work meant to move critical conversations forward to curate a powerful podcast.

The purpose of this media partnership was to feature some of The hosts invited some of Uganda’s “love experts” and psychologists to share about the importance of loving yourself and setting clear boundaries with positive attachment and conflict management styles.