The Founders

Before #DEI trended we set out with to change the way our profession makes impact. A Human Rights Lawyer and a Gender Specialist turned social entrepreneurs, where did we start? First launching a social enterprise under the name joonafrica, and then by changing the space around us, what we wear, putting our designs and identity on EVERYTHING around us. SERIOUSLY we even created the first African print removable wallpaper! Coloring in the flat white spaces with who we are was therapy. Why? Changing broken systems is an inside out job. A commitment to be who you are and center the communities you belong to and advocate for. Over time we have created more seamless ways to express this with watchbands and accessories that remind us that we are designing for a future where we are all cared for and valued for just being. A reminder to stay ahead of the times no matter how crazy it seems to people in our profession.

JOONAFRICA means ‘my dear Africa’. We hope that you will support us and all of the work that we do through purchasing our products and booking us for workshops. Connect with June & Chi on LinkedIn and slide into our DMs to learn more ❤️



Chi & June