Meet Our Team

Sarah-June Benjamin, Esq.

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Hi! My Afropolitan experience commenced when I was three days old and my then family of six fled Liberia during the war to traverse the dangerous path to Sierra Leone, and subsequently the US. Being that I am half-Liberian/half-Persian, and a proud Baha'i, my multicultural identity and former refugee status has enriched me with the great privilege of working at the intersection of business and human rights. I have written and published many pieces pertaining to the African and African American experience as it relates to world peace. Prior to being conferred a Juris Doctor degree at the prestigious American University Washington College of Law, I did a lot of legal advocacy for very talented women in the African Diaspora. In my spare time, I enjoy event planning and completing endless amounts of DIY arts and crafts projects with my two daughters. I am also a proud Black Upstart Alum. You can follow me on Instagram at @June_Oshun.

Chi Chi E., MPH, MSW


Salut! My Afropolitan experience as a Nigerian-American activist all started when I joined the Organization for African Students in Solidarity (OASIS) club at the illustrious University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Along the way, I've managed to become business proficient in French, assist women and men on the African continent and in the US with successfully starting and operating businesses, and become a serial social entrepreneur myself. With over five years of experience in global health and development policy research, I've come to realize that it's time I invest in the wealth of the black diasporic communities by sourcing content that will empower black creators to create, design, innovate, and advance in their endeavors all the while telling and sharing THEIR story. In my spare time, I work to connect African Diasporans together as an Event Producer. You can follow me on Twitter or Instagram at @afropreneurchi.

Abiola Olaotan 

Graphic Designer

Greetings! I am Nigerian-born, Nigerian-bred. As a Graphic Designer based in Lagos, Nigeria, I enjoy working with clients from the Diaspora. Working primarily with digital media, my artistic practice encompasses a range of medium; including digital photography, animation, and illustration.

 Ahmad Abullah

 Creative Consultant, Graphic Designer

Greetings! My Afropolitan experience begins with my early years cultivated in Pan African spaces in and around Baltimore. While young, I learned the value of embracing my African heritage and of cultural self-exploration. These values manifested in my interests well into adolescence, and eventually adulthood. In 2010, I was introduced to a volunteer opportunity with the Baltimore-based organization; Afrikan Youth Alchemy. With AYA, I traveled to Ghana in june of 2011 as part of its year-long cultural immersion program. This experience had an unprecedented impact on me, and served to direct much of my life’s efforts since. I have continued with my work in youth advocacy and enrichment, partnering it with my professional skill set as a Graphic Designer. Most recently, I have applied my professional skills in the way of pro-bono content production, and brand development for Black Grassroots Organizations and Startups. My ongoing ambition is to create platforms for constructive intercultural/interfaith dialogues amongst people of the African Diaspora. To keep up with my current works, you can follow me on instagram at @TheAngelKing