Queen Amina Mask


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      ROYAL MASKS SERIES: "Queen Amina Mask"

      • Original one of a kind creation hand painted jeweled and gold leaf by Dunnie O.
      • Dimensions- 24x36 Inches 
      • Watercolor Acrylic 
      • Canvas 


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      “Amina (also Aminatu) was a Hausa warrior queen 👑of Zazzau (now Zaria), in what is now in the north-west region of Nigeria. Queen Amina is a legend among the Hausa people for her many military exploits. She controlled the trade routes in the region.To her credit, she fortified each of her military camps with an earthen wall. Later, towns and villages sprung up within these protective barriers. Walling was a vitally important consideration in the development of African urban life. Walls gave definition to settlements and prevented uncontrollable sprawl. They also provided psychological and physical security. In unstable times, they afforded protection against theft or destruction and in peacetime, they controlled entry and exit. The walls became known as Amina’s Walls and many of them remain in existence to this day. Today, her memory represents the spirit and strength of womanhood.”

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