Q : Can I customize a piece or collection?

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The Squad

June Benjamin, Esq.

Joonafrica CEO works in the intersection of business law and human rights. Her previous experience includes sales management with a Fortune 500 computer manufacturer. At home, she shares her Liberian-Iranian heritage with her daughters through arts & crafts.

Chi Chi Egbulem, MPH MSW

Joonafrica COO manages social entrepreneurship and global development programs in Africa. She became business proficient in French during her Peace Corps stay in Burkina Faso. Her new home in eSwantini is getting a hint of green and white to represent her Nigerian heritage. 

Ahmad Abdullah

Joonafrica Digital Arts Director has over 10 years of graphic design experience. Through his expertise, he brings awareness of the latest Pan African digital, tech, and design trends to the platform. He provides content production and brand development for grassroots organizations and black-owned Startups. 

Abiola Olaotan

Joonafrica Graphic Designer lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria. Working primarily with digital media, his artistic practice encompasses a range of medium; including digital photography, animation, and illustration.

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